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I think we can all agree that today’s parenting dynamic is much different than that of our parents. In this day and age everyone’s parenting choices are being dissected under a microscope. We as parents are constantly being inundated with parenting articles all over social media and one that comes up altogether too often is the role that technology plays in our children’s lives. My personal point of view is that there are pros and cons to everything and whatever you have decided as a parent is your choice. However not everyone shares this outlook.

I walked into Wegman’s one rainy day and stopped off in the produce section to get Roderick and I situated. I took off our rain gear and got my phone out to pull up my grocery list. Keeping my grocery list on my phone had been one of my most favorite technological tools (now I do grocery delivery BEST THING EVER definitely look in to it). While I was doing this a stranger came up to Roderick, put his hand on his shoulder and said “Poor boy, I’m so sorry your mom neglects you and uses her phone”. Firstly, I couldn’t believe that a stranger was touching my kid but I was so dumbfounded I responded by saying “I keep my grocery list on my phone”. Then the man replied, “Well what is your excuse the rest of the time?” I was so shocked I didn’t even know what to say. This man doesn’t know me, or my son to make a judgement on my parenting choices. This was the first time I had experienced an encounter like this one, and since then have replayed it in my head a million times. If I could’ve gone back what else could I have said to defend myself? How would I have reacted to this stranger touching Roderick?

Have you all experienced similar situations? How have you responded?

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