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Swaddle Style

When it comes to mommy/baby items there are so many choices out there and a solution for every problem that it begins to be overwhelming. How do you know which one is really the best for you without breaking the bank. One of my favorite and most versatile products is the swaddle blanket. It comes in all sorts of beautiful prints and you can get great organic fabrics. There’s the obvious intended use, swaddling your precious newborn to adjust to their new environment but I seemed to be reaching for the swaddle in other occasions, especially while traveling.

I rarely used a nursing cover, and all of the ones I found on the market were either really expensive, or I didn’t like the pattern. There is nothing more awkward than being smushed up next to a stranger on an airplane, throw nursing on top of that it can be an interesting few hours. I found that tying a swaddle around my neck so he couldn’t move it around made for a great nursing cover. It gave me some privacy while also giving Roderick a buffer to all of the distractions going on around him and he would end up falling asleep.

Roderick has for the most part been a very easy baby, but the one thing that has been a bit of a challenge is sleeping. It’s that taboo topic that I literally avoid like the plague. I swear when someone asks “Does he sleep through the night?” if he’s having a good week and you say “Yes!” then it changes and he’s waking up every 2 hours, or you’re so exhausted the last thing you want to talk about is sleep. This can become especially difficult while traveling and disrupting their environment but bringing along a swaddle to put on top of a hotel crib mattress or a friends pack and play will make it feel a bit more like home and ease the transition.

Lastly – you can wear it as a scarf as you see in The Village window this month! The prints from the Modern Burlap brand are so trendy that people won’t know you’re wearing a swaddle.

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