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Roses and Thorns

In my last blog post here, I talked about some struggles I had post-partum. During that time I tried to start doing a daily roses and thorns reflection to show myself that there were more roses than thorns in my life. I saw this beautifully illustrated quote and it inspired me to share some of the funny strengths and fears I came to discover.

Strength: One morning I came down for breakfast and our refrigerator wasn’t on. I went and checked the breaker but everything was fine there. It was obvious that the fridge was broken but I didn’t really want to have a repairman come out to charge us at least $100 to tell us we needed a new fridge. So I decided to take matters into my own hands. While Roderick was down for a nap, I pulled the fridge out from the wall and checked the plug, which was all fine. Then I remembered that something like this had happened once before and the guy told me a fuse had blown in the motherboard. So I climbed on top of the fridge, screwed off the cover, and took a look at the mother board to find the fuse had blown. I had no idea where to get one. I seemed to remember that when the fuse was replaced last time they got it at Advance Auto Parts so I started there (which ended up being totally off). After calling multiple places I found the right one. When Roderick woke up we went and got them, replaced it, and the fridge turned right on! I have never been so proud of myself. I felt like I had just hit the $2000 lottery, since that’s what it would’ve cost us to get a new one.

Fear: The large majority of motherhood involves bodily fluids. It is so bizarre how for the first few decades of your life the thought of any bodily fluids, someone else’s or your own, are absolutely disgusting and then as soon as you give birth they are totally NBD. Roderick and I have obviously had our fair share of poop/pee/spit up situations that didn’t even phase me but this one was different. He had just finished going number 2, and I had gotten in the habit of just washing his tush in the sink instead of using a million wipes. I had taken off his diaper and had him standing on the sink while the water was heating up, and before I could do anything he was pooping again! There was nothing I could do but to catch it in my hand 

Before I became I mom I had no idea that I would basically qualify to work in appliance repair (well really only if your refrigerator had this one specific problem, otherwise I’m useless). And I seriously never even dreamed I would have a fear of holding poop in my hand because I never in a million years thought that would ever happen. But even in our fears there are roses, because this one has definitely given our family a lot of laughs.

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