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Mess Free Finger Painting

While it's been rather warm here, usually by February we're all ridden with cabin fever and I'm on the hunt for fun indoor activities to do! But it's always good to have a rolodex of at home projects that are as mess free as possible. Let's face it, with two boys cycloning through our house all day long, the last thing I want to do to myself is encourage more mess but I do want to encourage fun crafts and things together. This mess free finger paint project didn't take much time, but was perfect for the after lunch lull, while waiting for Winnie to potty before "happy nappy".

What you'll need:

We had all of these items on hand

-art paint

-ziploc baggies

-canvas (could use cardboard as well, eco friendly!!)

-painters tape

Step One:

Roderick has really been enjoying the alphabet and writing his letters, he needed a little help with the curve of the tape but otherwise he made the "R" on his own, which he was very proud and excited about.

While Erwin didn't do the "E" on his own, he was pretty exctied too!

Step Two:

We added drops of paint onto the canvas around the letters. The boys instructed me on which colors they wanted to use and where to put them. Then, we put the canvas with the paint drops into the baggies!

Step Three:

Now it's time for the fun! The boys loved smushing the paint all around. I also snuck in a little learning moment as the colors mixed together we talked about what happens when colors combine (red + blue make purple etc)

Step Four:

We hung them on the wall in their room! The boys feel so proud when we display their art and I really love the way these turned out. They add a fun burst of color to their wall.

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