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Manic Monday

No matter how calm the weekend is, Monday rolls around and I always seem to be a bit frazzled missing the low key vibe of the weekend. Friday was a crazy travel day for us. Our little guy always seems to surprise me at how great he is with travel. In his 2 short years he has been to 4 countries, but no matter how often we travel I get so stressed about what the day could bring.

It took us over 12 hours to get to Idaho, 2 planes, followed by a 2.5 hour car ride with NO NAP! At the tail end of our trip he was screaming and crying (rightfully so as it was 8pm EST which is past his bedtime), but it reminded me of the last time we traveled to Sun Valley when he was just about 6 months old. We were on the same car ride, he wouldn’t stop crying and I was unbelievably stressed out so I began nursing him over the car seat (not recommended) to try and calm him down. It’s so crazy how far things have come in a year and a half (for both of us)!

It is truly mind boggling to me that in one day we can be all the way across the country and see completely different terrain and climate. Seeing the world and our travels through his eyes is so so incredibly special but bringing him into a new environment is also so unpredictable. Will he sleep, will he eat, what if we leave baa somewhere (this would be unbelievably tragic)? Traveling on your own can be difficult, things are out of your control, but throwing a 2 year old into the mix is a whole other story. These are a few things I’m sure never to leave home without;

This crib is so light weight and easy to put together. If we will be staying in a house or in our early travels when I was afraid of hotel germs, this has always been our go to.

Our car seat some people think I’m crazy to travel with my own car seat, but I know how to install it properly. One time we arrived at a rental car stand, were given a car seat we were unfamiliar with and no one knew how to install it properly. When you’re concerned about safety while also wanting to get to your destination it’s a must. This is car seat cover is a life saver, you can wear it as a back pack or roll it along easily (see photo here).

Baby carrier – the stroller is not predictable for us. Sometimes our little guy refuses to go in it, and it’s just another thing to carry.

Plenty of water and snacks. What is it about travel that just makes you want to snack the whole time? I try to pack some healthy options but also cookies and lollipops for take off and landing so I can be sure that he will swallow to help with ear pressure. I love this spill proof water bottle to reduce wardrobe changes on trips.

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