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Manic Monday

We had so much fun in Sun Valley but are so beyond excited to be back home. We ended up making a last minute dash through the night due to an impending snow storm. Hard to believe they were getting more snow! Unfortunately the way home wasn’t as easy as on the way out but we made it home in time for Ranaan’s recital yesterday. I was also super proud of myself that I made it the whole week with looks to spare from my packing list. Here are a few new things I’m excited about that arrived on my doorstep while away.

  1. Tea Time is Me Time – I am one of those weird people who don’t like coffee but love tea. I always feel a little left out with all of the coffee shirts (I even own some but feel like such a poser since I don’t even drink it) so when I saw this cute tea shirt I had to have it.

  2. Tea Forte specialty single steeps. One thing I miss most when I’m out of town is my tea (I’m really sounding like a tea nerd) but I love good quality tea and it’s hard to get out and about.

  3. Brevity Do Anything Jacket as someone who sews and also a major lover of unique finds I am absolutely loving this jacket. It seriously fits like a dream and the vegan leather is so buttery soft. I love love love supporting small women run brands.

  4. Floral Swing Tank when I saw this floral I fell in love and the fact that it’s produced eco-friendly in the USA (like above) makes it a win win in my book. The flowy fit is so comfy yet polished. 

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