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Make it Monday

Long before I met my husband, I knew my first child would be a boy. My mom, who is a bit of a tomboy, was so excited to have a baby. When she got pregnant she was hoping for a boy but she ended up with not just a girl, but a girl who loved clothes! When my mother would dress me, the mismatching was so awful it would literally give me a stomach ache. So you can see how I knew the pregnancy karma Gods had already decided my first child would be a boy. Having a boy is so much fun, the only down turn is the clothing options are very limited. So, I decided to attempt to make little R some clothing, starting with this top. It’s a cute easy raglan sleeved tee. I based the pattern off of a shirt I liked the fit of and made a few tweaks from there. He’s having some issues with number 2 (he is going to be so embarrassed some day to know I posted that!) so was a bit cranky for pictures. Happy Make it Monday/Man Crush Monday!

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