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First Trimester – Pregnancy Announcement

The first trimester of pregnancy comes with big changes both emotionally and physically. We could not be more excited for baby number 2 but the news of our second pregnancy didn’t come without it’s fair share of emotions. We tried for several months unsuccessfully, which came as a bit of a shock since we were quick to conceive with Roderick. When we found out we were pregnant I think I had the complete opposite reaction of what Ranaan anticipated. I was having a very difficult time getting excited, leaving him confused since this was something we talked about and wanted. But this time was different. With Roderick I was blissfully ignorant. People talked about the sleepless nights and the breastfeeding struggles, the insane emotions of postpartum, but now I had lived it, this had been my reality and I found myself terrified. It’s so easy for people to say this time goes fast and cherish these moments, because it’s absolutely true. I can’t believe how different life with Roderick is now than just a couple of short years ago. But that does not dismiss the fact that the beginning is so tough.

So far pretty much everything with this pregnancy has been different. I felt like I was showing almost immediately making it difficult to keep the news from family and friends.The first 12 weeks chasing a toddler around definitely added a new dimension to my exhaustion. I was so lucky to have a very easy pregnancy the first time and an easy birth, again unaware of the potential health risks, challenges, and loss that is out there. I have met so many amazing mothers along this journey, some of which have been faced with obstacles all sorts of obstacles far greater than my own. It’s hard not to worry with everything I know now. Now that we’re through the first trimester and a haze seems to have lifted, I’m trying to just cherish all of the little moments. These last stages with an only child, all of the ups and downs of pregnancy, and the bittersweet feeling of doing it for the last time.

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