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Easy Ikea Hack with decoupage Rifle Paper Co.

I have a bunch of these Ikea Linnmon tables left from my sewing studio which I used as tables for sewing machines. They're super inexpensive very practical tables. To me there's something about defining physical space for an intended task to create mental space and validity for it. I also really love DIY projects and decorating so I took two of these desks and decided to decoupage the tops and paint the legs gold. Decoupage is super easy and can really change the look and feel of a wooden piece.

First, you'll need to gather the supplies.

-piece to decoupage (the Linnmon Table)

-paper (I chose this beautiful floral Rifle Paper Co paper from The Paper Source)

-mod podge


-sand paper


-credit card

Then prep the piece by sand papering it all over to take away any sheen and rid it of imperfections.

Next lay your paper to fit the area you would like to cover. Mine didn't fit 100% so I evened it from each edge to the center.

Paint the surface with the mod podge

Lay the paper on top of the mod podge being careful to make sure there are no large air pockets.

Take the credit card and smooth the surface even further making sure there are no air pockets and the surface is even.

Then apply a top coat of the mod podge allow to dry and repeat at least once. I did a third time and also finished with some polyurethane because I wanted it to be extra durable but it's not necessary in all cases.

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