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DIY Vegan Canvas Tote

Lately I've been feeling a little funny about carrying leather goods when I'm being so particular about the food I eat and making sure to take not only my own body into consideration but the well being of the animal's and the environment. I've also been motivated and excited to use this skill (sewing) which I haven't used a ton in the past few years. I had gotten excited about making some pieces a few months ago but being a bit rusty, I forgot the amount of fabric needed to make dresses etc and did not order enough of this fabric to make a garment, so I decided a tote would be perfect. I love the stripes, I also really like the rivets it gives it a bit more of a "store bought" feeling rather than home made. That's always my biggest fear when making something.

Materials needed - 1 yard fabric, vegan leather remnants (mine were a bit short I would recommend 30 in) and rivets (optional)

1. Cut fabric into 4 equal squares

2. Place two squares right sides together, lining up stripes and sew around 3 of the edges

3. Repeat with other two squares

4. Press seams open

5. Sew the straps, wrong sides together leaving room for at least a 1 in square at the bottom

6. Fold top edges down and top stitch them together

7. Sew straps on at desired length

8. Press rivets and fold teeth in to fasten

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