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Stephanie Cleck tips to balancing motherhood, entrepreneurship, and amazing hair

Mom hair hack - just pull top up while working out so your hair is out of your face. Don’t shampoo, just use dry shampoo and reblow dry even if you have sweat so the shampoo doesn't take moisture off of the scalp creating more grease.

How old are your kids - 11, 9, and 7.

Favorite meal to make for dinner - tacos because there is something for everyone.

Mom uniform - I'm a jeans girl through and through

A few weeks ago I had the absolute pleasure of speaking with Stephanie Cleck, founder and CEO of Concihairge. Concihairge offers on demand hairstyling services in the comforts of your space - home, office, etc. The moment Stephanie said “hello” you could feel the kindness and calm nature that makes her so inspiring. Running a small business is no easy task, there is so much reward but it is also a major labor of love. It is not uncommon to hear small business compared to having an additional child and it is just that - needing constant nourishment, creative problem solving, and Stephanie conquers this all while giving off positivity and encouragement to everyone that crosses her path.

As a new mom Stephanie was looking to get back into hair styling but was hitting roadblocks with the constraints of salon scheduling. She wanted to have flexibility to work around her husband's travel schedule and also not miss those mom moments that she had dreamed of. She began brainstorming and looking at the possibilities in different angles. Meanwhile, at playdates and dance classes she was always hearing moms bemoaning the fact that they didn’t have the ability to get to the salon but wishing they could do something about their “roots”. So she started coloring some of her friend’s hair around their child’s nap schedule, making it so they didn’t have to find additional childcare and the word spread like wildfire! The next thing she knew she had 30-40 clients and realized she had really found a niche in the market.

What makes Concihairge so special is that Stephanie not only provides exceptional hair services, she also found value in the client’s time. She has had clients who pack for vacation while their color is processing or unload the dishwasher. Her motto is “the only way any of our clients should know that we were at their home is that they have amazing hair.” Her team comes equipped with their own vacuums, and brooms. Many women, not just mom’s, feel guilty for self-care and being able to have hair service while not “inconveniencing” others is exactly what Concihairge offers.

Being a mom of 3 herself finding balance is no easy task. Stephanie has an inspiring way of being honest with herself and where she is both as an entrepreneur and a mom, taking on only what she can truly put on her plate and complete successfully. She had to do an evaluation of herself and realized she can’t be everybody’s everything. Of course that would make her heart happy but a stressed out mom is not as fun as a realistic mom. This came with some sacrifices, but again the key here is balance. She took many years off of being a classroom mom but decided to step back in the role for her youngest because he had never experienced that. She waited to bring on additional team members to expand her business until 2014 because she was still in baby making mode.

I interviewed Stephanie on March 3rd and while it feels as though we live in an entirely different world a little less than a month later, stories like these give me hope about what the future holds. The stresses of motherhood and entrepreneurship are abundant right now but by being honest with ourselves and finding balance I truly believe we will be better off than we were before. Assessing what we can take on emotionally, mentally, and physically, finding that balance and coming to it with a positive light will lead to innovative ideas that will better our future, just as Stephanie has done.

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