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5 Things I learned from deleting Amazon for a month

After the holiday’s, Ranaan and I decided that we wanted to be a bit more thoughtful with our spending. Amazon is amazing, making it so easy to order literally anything (I once ordered a life size Fireman Sam mascot suit, hilarious) anytime anywhere. I would see a product, or we’d be talking about an item we needed and I would order it instantly, and if I had the slightest question about it I had the comfort of knowing it could easily be returned. When we decided on our “low spend January”, I knew that if I kept the app on my phone I may be tempted so I decided to delete it all together.

I went grocery shopping at Whole Foods on New Year’s Day and when it came time to check out I loaded my groceries onto the belt and kindly told the cashier that I would need to give her my number for Prime discounts because I had deleted the app for the month of January. She stopped dead in her tracks and just looked at me very inquisitively, “but don’t you need things from amazon?” It’s true, there are things on amazon that my family needs but the majority of the time I can also get it elsewhere. So, here are my biggest take aways from a month without amazon

1. I actually had MORE time - While it does seem super quick and easy, not having to go to the store, take kids out of their car seats, go shopping, put said kids back in their car seats, I was spending so much time going to UPS for returns it really wasn’t saving me much time. I also planned for only one trip to the store per week so that was also countless hours added back to my life (I was going to the grocery store and/or Target almost daily). Time I could be spending with my family, or really just anything.

2. It made me more thoughtful on my spending - Along with having more time, it made me be more thoughtful. If something came up in conversation that I wanted to purchase I put it on a list for the next time I would go to the store. Sometimes by the time I got to the store I realized I really didn’t need said item.

3. Quality vs Quantity - for me there is something about the instant gratification of knowing I have completed a task or checked something off my list, but sometimes it’s done too quickly and the quality is completely overlooked. As a previous small business owner, I am extremely passionate about shopping small and local and 9/10 the quality is far beyond what you can receive from Amazon. Maybe I didn’t get 10 skirts for the price of one locally made, but instead I have one that will last and not feed the vicious cycle of purchase, return, dispose, etc.

4. The positive affect it would have on my kids - this one caught me most by surprise. Our kids are 5 and 2 so they don’t personally use the app, however the annoying “Mommy, can we get a new toy” seemed to be asked much less frequently if at all. I’m not sure if it was because I was spending more quality time with them, or if it was because they didn’t see me just getting anything I wanted delivered to our door but I loved it.

5. The cost savings - Dec $649.21 vs. Jan $30.80, don’t worry I logged onto Amazon from my computer not from my phone

Overall I LOVE the affect it’s had on our pocket book, family, and most importantly the time to do things I love because that is something I can never get back.

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